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  • January15th

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    DW1I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with the host of Off Limits and Mysteries at the Museum, Don Wildman, about his explorations around the world. Very humble and interesting guy with an insane desire to always know more. If Amelia Earhart and Indiana Jones had a love child, it would be him.Read it here.

  • August15th

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    MMA ran a nice article on me HERE about what it’s like to be a publicist for professional athletes.

  • May22nd

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    VanceTodd Vance is one of those guy who can’t sit still. Part of that is because of the PTSD he’s been getting over since returning from Iraq, but the other part is because he knows what he has to do in life – use his experiences to help others. A long time boxer and Muay Thai kickboxer, Todd started a class in his San Diego gym for veterans to help them get over PTSD and in some cases, get off the streets. That kind of dedication should not go unnoticed or unrewarded, so I wrote an article about him in FIGHT! magazine. Here it is.

  • December4th

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    Leap of Faith

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    Leaving a comfy corporate job to start your own business is rife with black holes of failure and dubious snake oil salesmen who will bilk you out of your hard earned venture capital in a Hollywood minute. Entrepreneurship is also a grinding 24-7 lifestyle that is not for the feint of heart or those not fully committed and passionate about their product. I wrote this article for Vetrepreneur magazine to provide veterans starting their own business with some much-needed advice. Read the full story here.

  • February24th

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    GWLegendary MMA trainer Greg Jackson and I traveled to George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon, to find some inspiration in our founding father. Read the full story here.