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  • September23rd

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    Tammy1-610x400It’s easy to see the bad in the world. It’s easy to profile a middle-eastern teen and overlook the well-to-do white kid with a gun in his backpack or see an overweight mother of four in line for food stamps instead of the caring woman who tutors those same kids until midnight after volunteering at her church. When you’ve been to the mountaintop it’s hard to see the beauty of the valley below, so sometimes you have to be like comedienne Tammy Pescatelli and just find the funny in life.

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  • October20th

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    Rob-Riggle-300x235Comedian and Marine Rob Riggle spends a little time with a fellow Jayhawk – me. See how he balances the life of a Marine Officer and an entertainer and why the decision to choose one over the other was so agonizing. Read the full story here.

  • May20th

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    drunk-guy-300x213Is there any better advice for any situation? No matter what your emotional state, it always seems to fit. Here are my top fifteen reasons to use it. Add yours. Read it here.